OpenThermal a visual database of renewable thermal energy projects in North America

A collaboration of state agencies
industry and individuals to provide visual
ps of installed renewable thermal
energy systems in North America.
Thermal energy systems cross the
boundary between demand reduction
and decentralized generation and are
therefore an important part of our
renewable portfolio.
Currently you can explore the data for
geothermal heat pump and solar
thermal technologies.
Interactive maps by state, zoom
to specific areas
> Static data for capacity, install
date and location
> Near real-time continuous
commissioning data integration
> OpenThermal API for entry and
retrieval of data
> Custom dashboards available
> Randomized site location on
maps for privacy
Custom Communities
State agencies, manufacturers
industry groups can add data
retrieve custom views, contact
us for information.
Installers and other professionals
create unique communities within
your websites to advertise the
impact of renewable technologies.
Individuals please add your
system to our database, by
creating your own map.
Visualize the extent of a
echnology's use in your region and
across regions
> Map yourself into the database or
contact us to find out how to
contribute your dataset
> Enable your system to collect
real-time continuous commissioning